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Go beyond demographics

In today's world, demographics don’t always tell a complete story about a person. Assumptions like "casual gamers are likely to be 18-24 year old men" may seem accurate but our data often debunks this stereotype. In fact, mothers are 1.4X more likely to be casual gamers than the average Singaporean adult.

Going beyond demographic targeting can seem daunting, but it’s really an opportunity to learn more about your audience and speak to them in a cost-effective way. Learn more about Google’s signal-based targeting in our playbook.

Make the most of Google's signals

Stop wasting ad dollars

The days of blasting ads at as many people as possible and hoping the right ads get noticed are long gone.

Go beyond demographics

By creating demographic-based segments, you may exclude potential customers, or target the right customers with the wrong message.

Target efficiently and effectively

Use Google ads' signals to reach your customers—people you know are interested in particular products, services, or activities.

Getting to know your audience

We capture intent signals from multiple devices across seven Google properties with over 1 billion users and more than 3 million web publishers and app partners. These signals reach people based on their behavior—taking into account what people want and where and when they want it. We capture this anonymized data across multiple platforms, giving you a 360-degree view of your customer segments.

Our audience solutions and machine learning expertise differentiate important signals from noise to help you reach your consumers in contextually relevant and privacy-safe ways. If you match your data with our audience solutions, you’ll get even richer data-driven reach and engagement.

Google Maps
Google Play

Android Wakes up early

Gmail Subscribes to Shape magazine newsletter

YouTube Watches Kayla Itsines and PopSugar Fitness

Maps Searches for "Video game stores near me"

Chrome Browses in a
second language

Play Installs
Playstation app

Female25-55 years old
lives in Singapore

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Solutions for every business

The results are clear—campaigns using our newly added intent-based signals on mobile saw a 20% lift in ad recall and 50% higher brand awareness compared with those that used demographic solutions only. These new signals keep us from making assumptions about a target audience and help us understand real intent to find the right customers for your brand.

Build Awareness
Change Perceptions
Drive Results

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Drive Results

Engage with your audience in the right moments to promote desired actions and drive measurable results.

Remarketing Customer Match Custom Intent Audiences In-market Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

Change Perceptions

Influence brand perception and encourage consideration by becoming more relevant to your audience.

Similar Audiences Life Events Consumer Patterns

Build Awareness

Improve product awareness and cut through the noise to reach unique and valuable audiences.

Affinities / Custom affinity

Google Audience Playbook

Download the latest playbook to learn more about behavioral signals audience solutions.